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RotorLine MFG.and its 40 products are for sale as a whole.

What is included in this sale:

1. Intellectual properties for the Tube Laser Designed products listed with in this web site. 

2. RotorLine MFG Inc Corporation (A Nevada Corporation)

3. Domain Name

4. Customer list

5. A List of tooling needed to produce products on the list as well as the design files to build them in tube laser.

6. All CAD and Digital file sets associated with each design.

7. Badge Identification Art Files and sourcing. Identification Badge design to be laser etched.

8. Weld-ment Fixture assets such as step/stair weld fixture that ensures that all the steps retain the lengths of each step.

9. Handrail formula design creation, design properties and physical tooling

10. Proprietary tooling for misc items that are associated with specific products (Stair Weldment Jigs) and their associated CAD files

11. History of sales and quotation reports 

12. Toll free 866 number  (866) ROTOR-MS 

13. Mcmaster History and ordering information

14. Measurement guides and photo history

15.1 year of consulting for assimilation 

16. domain name

17. Pallet-Master Intellectual property designs

Everything to create, supply and facilitate building all products listed in this acquisition 

Starting Price: $3 Million USD

40 product designs, 50 pallet designs, weld fixtures


  • Seeking Potential Buyer 

  • Joint ventures not entertained

  • NDA's required

  • Non-Compete agreement required

  • LOI required

  • Due Diligence period with supporting documentation

  • Limited assets included

  • No real property included

  • Draft of purchase agreement

  • Draft warranties

  • Escrow

  • File with IRS Form 8594 Asset Acquisition Statement

  • Introductions and definitions will be provided


You are not buying a facility, you are buying the intellectual properties of multiple product designs. Whereas you will be able to start on day 1 to manufacture and supply maintenance products for the helicopter and rotor wing industry. This design system

is proven, accurate, sustainable, Lean, profitable, unique, detailed, simple, productive and can be built in any city in the USA. 

Paint options such as powder coat is utilized, powder paint is a staple and often a requirement for most contracts. Powder paint is commercial and is a cost effective way to ensure a durable finish. We utilize outside vendors for many reasons; 1.) no tooling/ labor or building investment. 

A.) CNC Wood routing (OUTSIDE vendor)


C.) TUBE LASER and Flat Laser Cutting service (OUTSIDE vendors)

D.) McMaster-Carr Specialty Hardware (OUTSIDE vendor)

E.) ABC Printing (decals and sticker kits as we need them) (OUTSIDE vendor)

F.) Laser Etching Badges (Will supply the tooling, design files, sourcing and instructions) OUTSIDE vendor) (Local trophy shop)

G.) Woodshop (internal or Outside vendor for Pallet-Master creation)

This system is scale-able, it is an amazing addition to an existing fabrication or manufacturing business. The system and the process 

is profitable on the first order. Product pricing based on 20 years of the helicopter industry dictates the product baseline costs. The relationships with your Outside vendors can be negotiated based on volume. 

This process and system keeps labor low, it focusses on outside vendors supplying the support items so you can focus on diversifying more jobs and orders. This process and design system is almost turn key in the fact that depending on your motivation, fabrication ability and business foundation. This will need to be guided into your specific participation need. Understanding the end users needs as well as new development products (custom requests from End users are requested quite often).

Please feel free to reach out to see a demonstration.

Welcome to RotorLine MFG Inc.. 

TERMS: Owner may be willing to carry 50% 

John Stotts (702) 287-3762


Stotts Kiosk.jpg

John Stotts

IT Dept.

Design Consultant/ GM

John is a solution based designer who coordinates and facilitates the customer including their needs from concept to delivery. John also consults with engineers, architects and vendors in order to create the tooling needed by the customer to be efficient and safe while working. 

IT Team,

RotorLine utilizes multiple internet specialist and  tech

persons to help develop the new website, database and custom software to handle all protocols to help bring us into 2020 with a bang.

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