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Welcome to the most modern approach to Manufacturing designed by RotorLine.

3-D Metal Tube Laser introduction:

  • Tube Laser is a a 3D cutting laser system that cuts steel, aluminum and stainless tubing into perfect weldable parts that conforms to an ISO 9001 procedural process.

  • LABOR SAVER (We went from 23 employees to 6, We are now scale-able) we produce x3 times more... 3 times faster.

  • Perfect parts cut every time. Laser tolerance +/- .01

  • Replacement Parts lists created

  • No Machinists needed for part slotting, cope cuts or accurate hole drilling.

  • Standard welding tools required. 

  • Manufacturing can be located in any city, town, rural environment. Keep your CTO (Costs to overhead) low.

  • Efficient cutting, duplicating and creating parts with access to over 200 machines in the USA only. Competitive vendors.No need to spend $1.5 million dollars on a machine.

  • BOM (Bill of material) lists for each product can be McMaster-Carr generated hardware orders or use local hardware suppliers.

  • LEAN manufacturing exponential.

  • 2000 Sq ft shop minimum for assembly and packaging.

  • Utilize local vendors such as CNC (Computer numeric controlled) wood cutting vendors, Home Depot, local fab shops, local powder-coaters and general labor to create amazing products or kits.

  • Autodesk AUTOCAD software used with our proprietary metal profile system.

  • Build times are cut into a 1/3 of the time

  • Employee mistakes are at a minimum by having machines cut it from a CAD file

  • No need for a tape measure in most cases

  • Proprietary theft from an employee is minimal, this process eliminates employees stealing the design/ plans and starting their own company

  • There are over 120 tube lasers in the USA to utilize and the file sets are ready to cut by any Tube Laser machine software.

  • Create Private label products for your competitor and still make money from them even if you lose a bid contract to them.

  • Create weldable versions for those who want to weld it together themselves.

  • Endless opportunities.

  • Combine Flat Laser with Round tubing to square tubing to create unique finished products

  • Custom cut-out Logos into round, square or rectangle tubing

  • Utilize Rivet Nuts and rivets to fasten dis-similar metals together with this process

  • Weld fixtures and bending die formulas allow us to create and duplicate any previous product from our inventory of designs.

  • Our handrails are within 1/32 tolerances.

  • Start taking orders immediately.

  • pallet-master skids, crates and pallets are scale-able and upgrade-able.

  • Relationships with local vendors can allow you to start building maintenance stand products with repetitive costs and allow you to know your P&L within a short time.

  •  Cross bars lock into slots within the frame so you know where it goes accurately.

Please Click on the Big Image to enlarge

Please Click on the Big Image to enlarge

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