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Welcome to RotorLine MFG. After years of being the primary developer at All Metal MS in Las Vegas where I have had the opportunity to work with  many engineers, fabricators, customers and vendors that it was time to venture out and concentrate on more technical and sustainable manufacturing for the Rotor based industry.

RotorLine MFG has signed a licensing contract with All Metal MS to supply and maintain current warranteed products while focusing on New Development projects using emerging technologies. All Metal MS is not out of business by any means and is still going strong, AMMS owner Bill McNiff is focusing more on his retirement rather than the dealing with the busy day-to-day details while AMMS management continues to handle all operations. Bill signed a co-authorship agreement with RotorLine MFG to assist in addressing new Technology Based Development projects that would otherwise be taxing for the AMMS production schedule. 


RotorLine will focus on updating the entire AMMS product Design database making available more detailed documentation to our customers as well as securing the our proprietary data with newer IT protocols. RotorLine has integrated higher levels of Server Security in order to thwart breaches experienced in the past by AMMS. RotorLines NEW website will allow all customers and third party resellers the opportunities to purchase products, download literature, get quotes, order parts, see online documents and get real time updates of your order status. RotorLine has a tech based foundation in order to grow with the helicopter maintenance industry more streamline. The architecture of these processes will be integrated as they are finalized. 

" If you FAIL to Plan... you PLAN to Fail..." - Ben Franklin

RotorLine embraces LEAN manufacturing processes and is focused on ISO 9001 testing while our foundation architecture is in Beta testing. Quality Control procedures include sustainability, duplication and uniformity and is the primary goal while during implementation, please follow us on social media as updates are integrated and those who choose to click on this page will find the new features 

RotorLine is also Certified to ship our products on the Pallet-Master Crating System worldwide in order to speed up Shipping time.  Please see Shipping& Returns for details.We are an ISPM-15 certified agent.


Once you register on the new Website. ( currently in development/ but not online yet ,estimated 4/02/2023), your access will be determined by your status and  based on the number of years that your company has done business with AMMS.

 Your Customer Status;  whether it is a procurement status, DLA/ GSA/ purchasing agent for govt agencies/ local law enforcement or USCBP. Your access will allow you to download literature on any products that you currently own. You will also see real time pricing, basic shipping estimates, Crating prices and order production status that is updated daily.    


Product Purchasing; of support items such as jacks, casters, hardware and any thing  made by AMMS for your product. 


We will have an area for Claims if a product gets you damaged or missing parts, this form area will have a follow up agent that will oversee that all pertinent information and remedy is followed thru.

A virtual timeline will be visible to show you where in the process your order is currently at.

Welcome to RotorLine. 

Stotts Kiosk.jpg

John Stotts

Design Consultant/ GM

John is a solution based designer who coordinates and facilitates the customer including their needs from concept to delivery. John also consults with engineers, architects and vendors in order to create the tooling needed by the customer to be efficient and safe while working. (CLICK HERE)


IT Dept.

IT Team,

RotorLine utilizes multiple internet specialist and  tech

persons to help develop the new website, database and custom software to handle all protocols to help bring us into 2020 with a bang.

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