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Domestic Logistics & Shipping preparation

Cooper Welch

Total Quality Logistics

6800 Burleson Rd. Suite 260, Austin, TX 78744

Office:513-831-2600 ext47356 | Cell 316-304-4489 |

TQL is our Preferred Vendor who knows our products
and has very competitive pricing. Please reach out to Cooper for more information or Logistic requests.

NOTE: If you choose to ship using your account and choose to NOT purchase a Pallet-Master, Pallet-Crate or Pallet-Skid to ship your newly purchased product/s: You assume all responsibility of transportation damage that will not be covered by the RotorLine 1 year warranty. 

  • RotorLine will Send you the Pallet Shipping Dimensions and the final weight after the finished product is mounted on the pallet.

  • The pallet will have a BOL (Bill of Lading) and a Packing Slip on each Pallet.

  • Photos of the final shipment as it is getting loaded to show the damage free product prior to leaving our facility.

  • A photo of the truck as well as license plate and driver's contact information will be emailed to you.

  • If your product will be delivered to an institution or government facility whereas the driver must have be qualified to go onto your property. We always request the driver or team of drivers to be Felon-free in order to comply with accessing those restricted areas. Please let us know about any details that will delay delivery.

Logistics terminology:

  • Dry Van - Standard Enclosed diesel trailer (it has no tie downs to secure your pallet or product) YOUR PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE PALLET/CRATE/SKID MOUNTED for this option

  • Open Load - Your product will have No pallet or skid to sit on. The Product will have straps placed on them by the driver. You can get many more products nested on the trailer if you have contracted a designated truck/trailer for your load.

  • Low Boy - These low boy trailer are great for the taller products that require you to ship tall items. (anything above 82")

  • Hot Shot - Pick up truck with a gooseneck trailer 24' - 40' long (Sometimes can deliver on a weekend)

  • Conestoga - A flat bed trailer  with  a sliding cover that covers the entire trailer AND has mounting points inside. (PREFERRED...!!!!!)

  • Tarped - We Never Suggest this option: because it will scuff and damage the powder coat finish. (But it protects oversize items from the weather elements) 

  • Flatbed Trailer Types

  • Flatbed trailers come in all shapes, sizes, and maximum load capacities. Some of the most common types of flatbed trailers and specialized trucking trailers include:

  • Lowboy Trailers for products like platforms

  • Step Deck Trailers

  • Stretch Double Drop Trailers

  • Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN)

  • Conestoga Trailers

  • Sidekit Trailers

  • It is essential to note the maximum legal load weight of the cargo as well as the dimensions of a particular type for proper and accurate flatbed & specialized trucking rates.WE HAVE NEVER MAXED out a weight limit trailer... 

  • Each flatbed trailer is different from the other types, and it is essential to note the maximum legal load weight of each. While most of the trailers mentioned in this article are capable of handling loads that exceed the legal dimensions and weights for safety, some states will require a permit and/or have premium charges that will need to be obtained before a shipment can be transported.

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