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Saw Horses:

WT-SAW8 (2)_edited.jpg

Model Number:

SAW - 48
SAW - 96

MSRP Price:

SAW-48    $ CALL

Ea.  (USD)

SAW-72    $ CALL

Ea.  (USD)

SAW-96    $ CALL

Ea.  (USD)

Saw Horses available in 48" ,72",  96" Length


Shipping will be calculated on the quote

  • Lightweight Aluminum

  • Sturdy Frame

  • 500 lb load Capacity

  • Height: 40"

  • Rubber Feet

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SAW Horse ERA_edited.jpg
WT-SAW8 (5)_edited.jpg
WT-SAW8 (4)_edited.jpg
WT-SAW8 (1)_edited.jpg

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